A practical-spiritual approach to life simplifies everything, makes change easier, builds compassion, increases feelings of gratitude, stops you putting up with unhappiness, and metaphorically speaking opens the windows of your mind and lets in the light! 
  • Writer published and featured in several mainstream magazines
  • Author:  Click image to go to book web page or buy book
  • Infinite Possibilities (tm) Trainer and Mentor
  • Law of Attraction Practitioner
  • Trained Psychic Medium
  • Former Resident Medium at Warner's Cricket St Thomas Hotel
  • Professional Public Speaker
Written to help you get to your inner truth and become the real you, by someone who understands what it feels like to lose yourself amongst the opinions of others.
Signed copies available from me at £9.99 plus postage and packing.  Please contact me for costs of international postage.
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